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Visiting Ayurmana- My Best Decision Till Date!

With the change in my recent diet and undue work pressure, having meals outside the house became a common occurrence. Basically, my diet did not include fresh fruits, green vegetables or any roughage. Quick bites, fast food, online order and office canteen are only options that made me survive. Living without a family in a city like Bangalore is quite distressing and upsetting. The only home-made meal that I could enjoy was during the weekends. This became a regular habit, until there came a time when I started experiencing polyuria, i.e., frequent urge to urinate. This continued for days. My wife’s continuous nagging over phone have finally made me a decision to go for a physical checkup. I landed up in a doctor’s clinic and went for a few tests. This is when I realised that life has thrown a curveball and I am suffering from Type 2 Diabetes.

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The disease came as a shocker to me as it is progressive in nature. I got engrossed with all negative thought as I have a wife, kids and parents to take care of. Though I knew diabetes cannot end my life, I did not know how to cope up with this situation. Slowly and steadily diabetes engulfed me entirely and there was a huge striking difference in my weight, mood and health. Medications did not help me properly. I became more and more physically inactive as there was loss in energy. I did not feel like to move or walk to keep myself healthy, which affected my weight. Finally, seeing my distressed condition, my wife gave me a surprise visit. She wanted to make my condition better and came up with the idea of visiting Ayurmana. She was more excited to take me there as it is a home to legendary Ayurvedic Physicians and offers ayurvedic remedies to different medical conditions.

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My Trip to Ayurmana

Seeing my wife’s excitement, I too thought to checking Ayurmana’s site and its reviews. Frankly, I was impressed with my wife’s choice, and Ayurmana showed me the last ray of hope. Ayurmana reviews too, had build up a strong trust upon them. I took a two week leave from my office in the excuse of vacation and flew down to Trivandrum, Kerala. Ayurmana was located in the midst of the lush greenery and serene ambience of Thiruvananthapuram. This is an advanced healing center and has earned the name of the finest Ayurvedic treatment center in Kerala. Before landing there, my wife contacted them and made all the arrangements. When we landed, we were welcomed by a generous driver who drove us to Dharmagiri. There hospitality and generosity amazed us to the core.


The place itself was calm and helps you to engulf the goodness of nature. We were led to our cottages, which are designed to make you feel relax. Once we were settled down, we learnt that I will have a session with a physician who is going to help me to cope up with my medical condition. It was almost a two hour session where my doctor came to know everything about my lifestyle, change in habits and the quick meals that I used to have. She prescribed me some of the medicines as well as asked me to get the test done to check my insulin levels. Once everything is done, my treatment started from the next day.

The Treatment I was Advised at Ayurmana

They followed the old-age remedies that are mentioned in scriptures. The main objective of the treatment was to revive and rejuvenate the insulin-producing beta cells of the islets of Langerhans in the pancreas. This further looked forward in producing adequate amount of insulin and enhancing the responsiveness of body tissues especially in the fat cells and muscles. In my case, I was advised to incorporate a complete change in my lifestyle followed by diet adjustment so that the medications can take full control over the blood sugar level. Apart from frequent urination, there were other symptoms as well that rose as the disease progressed.


My physician at Ayurmana did not do any further delay. From the very next day I was asked to take part in yoga and meditation session. I was never into workout, but these sessions made a sudden change in me. Surrounded by green forests and the chirping of birds made everything feel so different. Practicing yoga amidst this serene atmosphere infused a great amount of energy in me. Within a week, I started noticing the changes in me. My body became flexible and it almost took away the weary feeling. The medicines that I used to take were naturally produced.

Interestingly, the patients are given herbal products and supplements to treat their medical conditions. These medicinal ingredients are freshly produced in the house so that you get the best treatment out of it. Apart from yoga and meditation session, I was strictly asked to maintained a rich and wholesome diet, which can stabilize the blood sugar level. Ayurmana has a vegetarian cuisine, but the dishes are highly nutritious and delicious to taste. I never thought vegetarian dishes can taste so amazing. However, my meals were customised by my therapist and this further helped to regulate the insulin levels in my body and keeping my other symptoms in control.


After fifteen days of thorough treatment, my wife could find remarkable changes in me. I felt more fit and healthy physically as well as mentally. Ayurmana promised to minimise the intake of diabetic drugs, and eventually they did it. A rise in my energy levels was also noticed. The diabetic symptoms reduced and the entire experience brought a positive effect on my health, mood and behaviour. Ayurmana proved every word that it has promised to me. I recommend Ayurmana to each and every one who is striving to cope up with diabetic conditions. Check Ayurmana reviews so that you can get better grounds to trust their service.

Reviewing My Experience At Ayurmana!

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Hello everyone!

In January 2018, I went to Dharma Ayurveda Healing Center, also known as Ayurmana to heal my arthritis and joint problems. Staying true to the existing Ayurmana reviews, the clinic and its staff did everything possible to heal my condition. Today, my condition has improved a lot and I can run around with my 3-year-old grandson.

My Problem: The Reason To Visit Ayurmana

Ever since my second daughter was born, I have been suffering from joint pains and other ailments. I tried several doctors and underwent a number of treatments, but to no avail. With time, the pain increased and my limbs started getting black and deformed, not to mention the incessant pain I endured day in and day out. My movement had been reduced to a bare minimum and the only time I used to travel was a visit to the orthopaedic and that too on a wheelchair. Frustrating and depressing as it was, I was bound to my bed for most part of the day.

A friend of mine who had been to India for treating Diabetes suggested Ayurvedic treatment. A little search and I came across Ayurmana, the house of Ayurvedic treatment. On browsing the website, I came to know that the centre is operated by Dr. Jayaprakash, son of the popular Ayurvedic practitioner, Dr. Bahuleyan.

And the Relation with Ayurmana Began

After a few mails and conversation with the administrative staff, I got ready for a trip to Kerala, India, with anxiety and a dubious heart.

Exactly as per the Ayurmana reviews, the centre pays attention to every detail of a patient.

Right from the start, I had positive vibes from the staff. When I landed at the Trivandrum International Airport, one of their representatives was there to receive me and my husband, as per their promise. So, polite and amicable was the young lad, that both my husband and I were impressed by him. In just 40 minutes, we reached the centre, which is a Ayurvedic hospital on top of a hillock. So, mesmerized was I with the serenity of the place, that I could not stop looking at the natural vastness all around me.

As soon as we reached, we were given the room we had booked via with the website. The superior A.C. room of 350 square feet had a sitting area from where we could look at the mountains. The open air washroom, firm mattress and multi-channel television gave us all the benefits of a 5-star hotel.

Ayurmana Reviews

As soon as we had freshened up, one of the staff arrived to escort us to a senior doctor. She was a senior practitioner and already had a brief about my health condition. She, herself, narrated my issues and shared the copies of the reports I had shared earlier with Dr. Apsara. She kept asking if she had gone wrong anywhere. The smile on her face made me relaxed and I knew that I was in good hands. She gave me a daily schedule for massages, exercises and medicines. I was then referred to an in-house dietitian, who, after checking my reports, suggested a diet for me and sent her recommendations to the kitchen manager, who would from then onwards be responsible for my food. The meticulousness and the hassle-free work approach really pleased me a lot. I had decided then to write positive Ayurmana reviews, so that more and more people like me became aware of the centre.

Their Approach at Ayurmana

While my husband was allowed to eat outside food, he was too happy to eat the food prepared at the kitchen. Adequate fresh fruits, juice and carefully prepared dishes made for a healthy diet. They asked me what fruits I preferred eating and bought those for me. Sometimes, even my husband accompanied them to the market. At Ayurmana, they follow complete transparency because the mental well-being of the patients is of utmost importance to the authorities.

They asked me and my husband to check on their work at the kitchen whenever we wished to. My husband had done so a few times and found the kitchen to be very clean and well-maintained. He would pay sudden visits and open the larder, as well as, the fridge to check how the food was kept. To our satisfaction, all the cartons and containers in the larder were carefully packed and sealed to keep vermins away. The fridge was also spic and span, with all the cut fruits covered with great care. Another day, we entered the kitchen to see the staff working on cleaning the kitchen.

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With time, my health improved not just because of the good food and the ambiance, but also because of the polite behavior of the staff, including the practitioners and last but not at all the least, the treatment.

The Treatment at Ayurmana

Coming to the treatment; in my Ayurmana reviews, I would be a miser to say that the treatment was a holistic one. Unlike any other doctor I have ever consulted, here, I was told what all things can cause arthritis and joint problems, the symptoms and yes, what steps can help me recover. My practitioner made me realise that stress, a physically demanding lifestyle, hereditary factors and some other factors can be the cause my ailment. My joint swelling, joint warmth, redness, etc., were, I learnt, all early signs of the disease. Consuming dozens of allopathic tablets daily had ruined my digestive and other body systems. The first thing they did was instruct a system cleansing lifestyle, which included a convalescent diet, walks in the open and yoga, plus laughing classes.

In 2 weeks, I noticed considerable change in my attitude to life and health. I was happy and ready to fight the issue at hand. My mind was fresh and I felt that life had given me another chance. Physically, I felt more agile than before and also participated in helping the gardeners in their work. My fingers which had turned black and stiff, were now feeling flexible. I could hold a glass of water without fearing that my joints would break anytime from the consequent tension.

Another week went by and the dark spots of pigmentation on my face, caused due to excessive drug intake, had started to fade. The practitioners promised me that they will be gone in no time. Regular yoga in the open made me realise the power of nature in ensuring the good health of humans. My weight improved, the strength of my bones became better, my cardiovascular conditioning improved and better blood circulation and most importantly inner peace began to set in. In this Ayurmana review of mine, all I want to say is that the Kerala centre of health gifted me with a new life.

Our favouritism to a lifestyle endowed with technological gifts has snatched the real essence of good and healthy living.

As days passed, I was able to move about will less help than before, as the pain had reduced to a great extent and so had the inflammation. Earlier, a little work would hurt my joints and the swellings would redden at the least provocation. But, now that was a thing of the past.

When I was consulting doctors in England, I was told that arthritis is incurable and degenerative. As such, doctors treat patients with heavy doses of anti-inflammation medicines, steroids and then suggest surgery. But, for me, things were not as bleak. I have experienced a massive change in my health and the joint damage has also reversed to a huge degree.

The good thing about the doctors at Ayurmana is that they do not make false promises, making people hope that they will recover, while fleecing their money. Our neighbour, a 54-year-old Hungarian lady had been diagnosed with migraine and owing to her extreme pain, she was looking for complete recovery at Ayurmana. But, the practitioners, with their experience, knew that such a thing would be next to impossible. They disclosed to her that the problem might not be entirely eradicated, but can be checked to a great extent by way of lower intensity of attack, improved mood, better energy level and enhanced quality of life.

The proven strategies of Ayurvedic treatment practised at Ayurmana have made the place a haven for hopeful people looking ahead to live a happy life, devoid of many ailments. Through my Ayurmana review, I would like the readers to realise how truthful and honest the doctors are.

Reviewing Their Constant Care

The senior doctors were usually consulted for decision-making, but most of the treatment was done by the junior practitioners. I was astounded to see the care with which they tackle the various issues faced by each patient. Yes, they are extremely patient. Though some of them do have a language problem, their attitude and knowledge of work wards off all doubts of a possible treatment failure. A consistently smiling face defines the demeanour of each specialist and staff.

Ayurmana Review

My husband had bought an English to Malayalam dictionary and conversation book. At times, the junior practitioners would visit my room to check on my health and try to teach me the local language. Their warm approach and the fun-filled time spent at the centre expedited my recovery process.

Bidding Goodbye to Ayurmana

It was time for me to bid adieu to Ayurmana and trust me, it tore my heart apart to leave this wonderful place which made me one with Mother Nature and with myself. This place did teach me a lot, no use denying it. And, when I say that I learnt a lot, I don’t mean that I learnt their language or their customs. I found myself anew. I rediscovered myself.

Everyday spent at this wellness and retreat centre brought my husband and me closer to nature. We realised that living is possible without all the materialistic and technological temptations. I came to this centre for my painful arthritic condition, but I left a healthier and fitter woman. Yoga and nutritious meals have helped improve my overall quality of life and I can say this with conviction that this centre gave me a new life. An improved life.

The gift of second chance that they gave me helped my entire family in ways that I cannot even explain. I longed to play with my grandson, be a part of his small moments and now I can. Anybody who asks for my Ayurmana review, I sometimes choke out of happiness of what they have done for me and my family.

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During my short stay at the centre, this place became home to me. Even though we were several thousand miles away, not even for a second did we feel out of place. In fact, in the rush of it all and the uncertainty of when we were to return to England, we had not made any arrangements. The staff at the centre went above and beyond to make sure that our flight tickets were arranged. They even helped us with our packing and booked a rental car so that we reached the airport on time. One of the staff members even offered to accompany us till the airport, but we really could not take any more favours than what they had already showered us with.

I wanted to write my Ayurmana review the moment I touched England, but I was too lost for words. Even while writing, I can clearly reminisce my days at the centre and yearn to go back there. The unmatched hospitality that both of us received has truly made our Kerala visit worth it. My husband cannot stop talking about the fabulous time that he had either. From my own experience, I can definitely say that this centre is worth a visit for anyone suffering from any kind of physical condition. They will definitely help you, and if they can’t, they will not dupe you into thinking that they will.

I wish that more people will be able to gain a new lease of life like I have, thanks to the wonderful retreat centre. You can trust me when I say this – this centre will change your life for the better. You will definitely not regret your decision of trusting them, and their amiable behavior and the lush green surrounding will solve half of your health issues the moment you step in.