I had migraine issues since my school days. But that took a serious turn, especially before stressful situations. More often, the chronic headache forced me to remain at home even in case of emergencies. I got to know about Ayurmana from the internet. After reading positive Ayurmana reviews, I put faith in its recovery therapies. Now, I realize that I have made no mistake in doing so.

My Mind Blowing Experience at Ayurmana

When I visited my allocated cottage, I was mesmerized by the beauty of the place. Words will fall short to describe its exquisiteness. The busy modern-world haven’t been able to make its mark on the place. I felt that I was in a beautiful isolated island, where there are no signs of stress. My cottage was situated amidst the lush greenery of Dharmagiri hills. All my pains seemed to go away after visiting this enticing healing hub.

The very next day, I came to Ayurmana, the world-class Ayurvedic treatment center. At the reception, I was greeted on a cordial note by one of the medical practitioners. I was surprised by their sheer professionalism and the way they take care of patients. After hearing my migraine issues, the Ayurmana doctor told me the root causes of chronic headaches. He advised me to remain calm and composed in every situation. I was overwhelmed by his approach and decided to write a worthwhile Ayurmana review at the end of my treatment phase.

The doctor told me that extreme sensitivity to light, sound or smell leads to migraine problems. He advised me to stay in a quiet and dark place if I have migraine problems in the near future. I came to know about the differences between sinus headache, tension headache, and migraine headache. He told me that it is the imbalance of 3 doshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha) that cause severe headaches.

The yoga trainer told me about the basic poses of yoga and meditation techniques. I felt greatly relieved during the yoga sessions. When Shirodhara oil was applied on my forehead, I felt heavenly peace and got rid of all sorts of tensions for a while. Now, I came to realize why individuals had given positive Ayurmana reviews. The Ayurmana doctor advised me to avoid the intake of heavy foods like butter, yogurt, cheeses, red meat, and packaged foods.

As I suffered from migraine headache, the nutritionist told me to adhere to Pitta-Pacifying diet under all circumstances. He told me to avoid staying awake late at night as proper sleep is necessary for curing migraine headaches.

After coming back from Ayurmana, my chronic headache issues resolved to a great extent. I felt a significant improvement in my energy levels. Now, nothing could prevent me while doing routine work. Very recently, I managed to get a job in a reputed MNC, thanks to Ayurmana.

I wrote an Ayurmana review stating the professionalism of the medical practitioners and the exclusivity of the place. Give a visit to Ayurmana if you suffer from migraine issues.


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