I remembered I had a mild stroke when I was in the 40s. Since then, I have consulted various doctors but none of them were able to come up with a solution. As my son lived abroad, it was not possible for him to take the utmost care of me. I heard about the promising results of Ayurvedic treatment from one of my neighbors. I came across Ayurmana on the internet. When I saw positive Ayurmana reviews, I made up my mind to go with Ayurvedic treatment.

My Heartwarming Experience at Ayurmana

Before coming to this renowned healing center, I was not sure whether Ayurmana would be able to recover me. All my doubts vanished when I stepped into this exclusive healing hub. I was amazed by the professionalism of the Ayurmana doctors. The medical practitioner told me the main cause of stroke, which is interrupted blood supply to the brain. I came to know about the two types of stroke, namely, ischemic and hemorrhagic.

After scrutinizing my health, he told that I am suffering from stroke issues due to lack of blood flow in the brain. I remembered an Ayurmana review of a young boy who recovered from rupture of the blood vessel. The doctor gave me a diet chart and advised me to stick to the mentioned food items. I was disheartened as none of them were my preferable foods. I learned that in some extreme cases individuals may lose the ability to move their limbs owing to stroke. There are also chances of loss of vision.

I was made to undergo rigorous exercise sessions. I was surprised as none of the doctors I had consulted before suggested yoga practices. The doctor told me that yoga and meditation practice reduces the adverse effects of stroke on the brain. I was hugely benefited from the post-stroke rehabilitation and recovery therapy of Ayurmana. I came to realize that stroke occurs in a person because of the vitiation of Vata Dosha.

The main aim of this healing therapy is to normalize the motor and sensory functions of the brain. The positive Ayurmana reviews justified the true essence of the place. He gave me some medicines, which were entirely made from natural herbs. The doctor advised me to consume 3-4 cloves of garlic in 100 ml of milk and 50 ml of water. It is necessary for me to take this solution every day before going to sleep. The Ayurmana doctor suggested me to consume Bala Churna, Bala Arista, Maha Masha Taila, and Mahanarayana oil. Mahanarayana oil minimizes Vata level in a human body. It also gives relief to a person from all sorts of pains.

I gained a fresh lease of life owing to Ayurmana. I felt no difficulty during walking on the roads. I also managed to carry out my routine activities without taking help from anyone. The healing process also improved mental faculties in me. I shared my unique experience in an Ayurmana review so that people may get to know about their high-quality services. Go to Ayurmana if you want to put an end to your stroke issues.


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