With the change in my recent diet and undue work pressure, having meals outside the house became a common occurrence. Basically, my diet did not include fresh fruits, green vegetables or any roughage. Quick bites, fast food, online order and office canteen are only options that made me survive. Living without a family in a city like Bangalore is quite distressing and upsetting. The only home-made meal that I could enjoy was during the weekends. This became a regular habit, until there came a time when I started experiencing polyuria, i.e., frequent urge to urinate. This continued for days. My wife’s continuous nagging over phone have finally made me a decision to go for a physical checkup. I landed up in a doctor’s clinic and went for a few tests. This is when I realised that life has thrown a curveball and I am suffering from Type 2 Diabetes.

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The disease came as a shocker to me as it is progressive in nature. I got engrossed with all negative thought as I have a wife, kids and parents to take care of. Though I knew diabetes cannot end my life, I did not know how to cope up with this situation. Slowly and steadily diabetes engulfed me entirely and there was a huge striking difference in my weight, mood and health. Medications did not help me properly. I became more and more physically inactive as there was loss in energy. I did not feel like to move or walk to keep myself healthy, which affected my weight. Finally, seeing my distressed condition, my wife gave me a surprise visit. She wanted to make my condition better and came up with the idea of visiting Ayurmana. She was more excited to take me there as it is a home to legendary Ayurvedic Physicians and offers ayurvedic remedies to different medical conditions.

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My Trip to Ayurmana

Seeing my wife’s excitement, I too thought to checking Ayurmana’s site and its reviews. Frankly, I was impressed with my wife’s choice, and Ayurmana showed me the last ray of hope. Ayurmana reviews too, had build up a strong trust upon them. I took a two week leave from my office in the excuse of vacation and flew down to Trivandrum, Kerala. Ayurmana was located in the midst of the lush greenery and serene ambience of Thiruvananthapuram. This is an advanced healing center and has earned the name of the finest Ayurvedic treatment center in Kerala. Before landing there, my wife contacted them and made all the arrangements. When we landed, we were welcomed by a generous driver who drove us to Dharmagiri. There hospitality and generosity amazed us to the core.


The place itself was calm and helps you to engulf the goodness of nature. We were led to our cottages, which are designed to make you feel relax. Once we were settled down, we learnt that I will have a session with a physician who is going to help me to cope up with my medical condition. It was almost a two hour session where my doctor came to know everything about my lifestyle, change in habits and the quick meals that I used to have. She prescribed me some of the medicines as well as asked me to get the test done to check my insulin levels. Once everything is done, my treatment started from the next day.

The Treatment I was Advised at Ayurmana

They followed the old-age remedies that are mentioned in scriptures. The main objective of the treatment was to revive and rejuvenate the insulin-producing beta cells of the islets of Langerhans in the pancreas. This further looked forward in producing adequate amount of insulin and enhancing the responsiveness of body tissues especially in the fat cells and muscles. In my case, I was advised to incorporate a complete change in my lifestyle followed by diet adjustment so that the medications can take full control over the blood sugar level. Apart from frequent urination, there were other symptoms as well that rose as the disease progressed.


My physician at Ayurmana did not do any further delay. From the very next day I was asked to take part in yoga and meditation session. I was never into workout, but these sessions made a sudden change in me. Surrounded by green forests and the chirping of birds made everything feel so different. Practicing yoga amidst this serene atmosphere infused a great amount of energy in me. Within a week, I started noticing the changes in me. My body became flexible and it almost took away the weary feeling. The medicines that I used to take were naturally produced.

Interestingly, the patients are given herbal products and supplements to treat their medical conditions. These medicinal ingredients are freshly produced in the house so that you get the best treatment out of it. Apart from yoga and meditation session, I was strictly asked to maintained a rich and wholesome diet, which can stabilize the blood sugar level. Ayurmana has a vegetarian cuisine, but the dishes are highly nutritious and delicious to taste. I never thought vegetarian dishes can taste so amazing. However, my meals were customised by my therapist and this further helped to regulate the insulin levels in my body and keeping my other symptoms in control.


After fifteen days of thorough treatment, my wife could find remarkable changes in me. I felt more fit and healthy physically as well as mentally. Ayurmana promised to minimise the intake of diabetic drugs, and eventually they did it. A rise in my energy levels was also noticed. The diabetic symptoms reduced and the entire experience brought a positive effect on my health, mood and behaviour. Ayurmana proved every word that it has promised to me. I recommend Ayurmana to each and every one who is striving to cope up with diabetic conditions. Check Ayurmana reviews so that you can get better grounds to trust their service.

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